Monday, September 2, 2013

Wheels O’ Time Museum

Boys and wheels – this is something that is pretty much inseparable between these two. There’s always something about these two elements that makes boys, well, boys. And in recent years, perhaps even girls too! However, when it comes to visiting the Wheels O’ Time Museum with the boys and girls, we just want to say that it is not just something to do with two wheels, three wheels or four wheels, it has everything and anything to do with wheels! Sounds a little too farfetched and you can’t really imagine what we are talking about? Well, don’t just sit there and guess what we are saying, charter an Illinois bus and head on down to the museum to find out more. But, don’t come alone – bring the boys and girls with you!

If you have never been here before, you may want to know that the Wheels O’ Time Museum are only open from May to October, Wednesdays through Sundays, from noon right up to 5pm only. Hence if you are arranging for a IL bus to bring you and your family there, you will need to take into consideration the opening hours of the museum, so that you don’t get there too early that you will have to wait for them to open nor too late that you will find yourselves standing disappointingly at the closed entrance of the museum.

From the outside of the museum, it may not look too big or impressive to attract the attention of anyone, but as you enter into the Wheels O’ Time Museum, you will be greeted by the sounds of music from a player piano and a miniature circus parade inside a glass walled wagon. Not too far away from this exhibit, visitors arriving in an IL charter bus will then notice that it is a room full of ticking clocks – from small, delicate miniatures to those huge grandfather type of clocks. The friendly staff at the museum encourages visitors, especially kids, to participate as they tour the museum by pressing the buttons that are attached to many of the exhibits found in the museum and discover what the exhibit is able to do. This would be a fun thing to do for most kids – big or small ones! As you move on, you will also find that there is a great collection of vintage cars – all lined up neatly as though they are on a parade of a car exhibition. Don’t forget to check out the antique bicycles that are found at a corner of the exhibition hall and they also have other displays like cameras, dolls as well as original Star Wars figurines from the late 70s and early 80s.

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