Monday, March 24, 2014

Museums at Champaign-Urbana

A metropolitan area in central Illinois, Champaign-Urbana is a very urban city located right in the middle of the corn and soybean fields south of Chicago. Famous for its museums, this city features one of the largest public universities in the United States, which is the main campus of University of Illinois.
With a blend of culture and urban amenities, this city is one to head toward for rental bus visitors when planning a trip to Illinois, especially with all the beautiful historical museums to visit.
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Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Shedd Aquarium

For some family-fun time with the kids, book a charter bus and head on to Illinois where you can experience many fun places that the whole family can enjoy. One place to visit for some family bonding would be the Shedd Aquarium, located in Chicago, Illinois. This is an indoor public aquarium that houses more than 25,000 fish, with a capacity of 5 million gallons of water. Some of the 1500 species you will find at Shedd Aquarium are such like fishes, marine mammals, birds, snakes, insects and amphibians.
Opened since 1930, the Shedd Aquarium features several permanent exhibits. These fascinating exhibits are:
  • Waters of the World: The oldest gallery at the aquarium houses species such as mantella frogs, seahorses, Grand Cayman blue iguanas, giant octopus, River otter, sea stars and more. 
  • Caribbean Reef: Most prominent part of this exhibit is the diver interacting with the animals in this exhibit while talking to visitors. Features a circular tank to enable mini bus visitors to walk around the exhibit for easy viewing.
  • Amazon Rising: A recreation of Amazon River with flooded forests and surrounding jungle. This exhibit houses 250 different species such as spiders, anacondas, caimans and pirahnas. 
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Friday, November 22, 2013

Hanging out with friends at the Navy Pier

Heading to Chicago, Illinois with your friends? If you would look at Navy Pier at one glance, you can see that the place looks interesting for a day out with friends. Located on the Streeterville neighbourhood of the Near North Side community area, this pier was built in 1916 and is one of Chicago’s favourite tourist attraction.
There are many sightseeing tours you can join when at Navy Pier. Some of the companies running them are like Seadog Ventures, the Tall Ship Windy, and Shoreline Sightseeing cruises and Water Taxi service. If you prefer to experience a dinner cruise instead, you can hop onto The Odyssey II, the Spirit of Chicago, or the Mystic Blue, all owned by Entertainment Cruises.
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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Galena the City of History

If you love both architecture and history, you really should not miss heading over to the city of Galena. Located in Jo Daviess County, Galena is the largest city of the county and is a popular destination for Illinois charter bus visitors. This city is well known for its history, architecture and ski and golf resorts.

Once you enter the city of Galena, you would be blown away immediately by its beautiful historical architecture which is visible throughout the city. Galena was originally inhabited by Sac and Fox Native Americans but was settled by the French by late 17th century. However, the American settlers started to come in troves to settle in Galena by early 19th century and became a hub on the Mississippi River between St. Louis and St. Paul.

Right until the late 1980s, Galena remained as a small rural farming community. However, once Kraft Foods, Lemfco Foundry and many other industries setup their plants there, as well as when Galena’s mayor initiated a tourist campaign, Galena has changed drastically – for the good. Now, Galena is famous for its many different parades and fairs held for almost every celebration. Even their 32nd Halloween Parade has an overflowing turnout, with estimated 15,000 visitors.

Much of Galena’s buildings and architecture have been listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Once of the most popular historical building would be the Old Market House State Historic Site. Built in 1845, this building was erected as a city hall and public farmer’s market. After it was handed over to the state of Illinois, this building was extensively rebuilt and restored and is now a museum of Galena’s local social history and serves as a visitor services information desk.

If you walk along Main Street in Galena, you would see the unique architectural style and historic feel prevalent in its brick buildings. The state made many efforts to improve the existing infrastructure and yet preserve these beautiful buildings of character such as burying utilities and many beautification initiatives. For a look on church architecture, you can head over to Saint Michael’s Church. Named after one of the three archangels, this church was founded by pioneer priest Father Samuel Mazzuchelli.

When you visit Galena, don’t forget to drop by Main Street if you want a spot of shopping. As a charming small own, Main Street offers many specialty shops, quaint restaurants and wineries. You can always direct your Illinois charter bus driver to stop you at Galena’s many interesting attractions.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Wheels O’ Time Museum

Boys and wheels – this is something that is pretty much inseparable between these two. There’s always something about these two elements that makes boys, well, boys. And in recent years, perhaps even girls too! However, when it comes to visiting the Wheels O’ Time Museum with the boys and girls, we just want to say that it is not just something to do with two wheels, three wheels or four wheels, it has everything and anything to do with wheels! Sounds a little too farfetched and you can’t really imagine what we are talking about? Well, don’t just sit there and guess what we are saying, charter an Illinois bus and head on down to the museum to find out more. But, don’t come alone – bring the boys and girls with you!

If you have never been here before, you may want to know that the Wheels O’ Time Museum are only open from May to October, Wednesdays through Sundays, from noon right up to 5pm only. Hence if you are arranging for a IL bus to bring you and your family there, you will need to take into consideration the opening hours of the museum, so that you don’t get there too early that you will have to wait for them to open nor too late that you will find yourselves standing disappointingly at the closed entrance of the museum.

From the outside of the museum, it may not look too big or impressive to attract the attention of anyone, but as you enter into the Wheels O’ Time Museum, you will be greeted by the sounds of music from a player piano and a miniature circus parade inside a glass walled wagon. Not too far away from this exhibit, visitors arriving in an IL charter bus will then notice that it is a room full of ticking clocks – from small, delicate miniatures to those huge grandfather type of clocks. The friendly staff at the museum encourages visitors, especially kids, to participate as they tour the museum by pressing the buttons that are attached to many of the exhibits found in the museum and discover what the exhibit is able to do. This would be a fun thing to do for most kids – big or small ones! As you move on, you will also find that there is a great collection of vintage cars – all lined up neatly as though they are on a parade of a car exhibition. Don’t forget to check out the antique bicycles that are found at a corner of the exhibition hall and they also have other displays like cameras, dolls as well as original Star Wars figurines from the late 70s and early 80s.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Magic Waters Waterpark, Illinois

No one would ever get tired of waterparks – especially children. Even the older ones will never complain if you tell them that you are chartering an Illinois bus and taking them to a waterpark. In fact, we really believe that waterparks are for all ages to enjoy, so why not climb aboard a chartered bus and drop by the Magic Waters Waterpark for a day of fun in the sun and enjoy all the amenities at this magnificent and award winning waterpark with your family? It will be definitely be one magical fun trip, believe us!

For many people, the Magic Waters Waterpark is a favorite place to go during summer holidays. And yes, large crowds are to be expected at this popular waterpark. So, if you are bringing your family to the waterpark this summer; you may want to make sure that your chartered bus arrives on time to pick you up, and sends your whole group to the park early. And if you have a special event like a birthday celebration, you can even rent one of their cabanas by the wave pool and hang out there whole day. Well, maybe you would want to hang out at the cabana the whole day, but the kids would most likely be heading out to enjoy all the rides that are in the waterpark. Who knows - after a while of hanging out in the cabana, you may even want to venture out and see what fun is there out there and return to your cabana as and when you feel like it. There’s just so much to do at this awesome waterpark that you or your kids would not be able to say that the place is boring!

There’s just one outside food policy that Magic Waters Waterpark has for all their guests, including Illinois chartered bus visitors and that is they only allow one cooler or food container for every family entering into the waterpark. The coolers must be brought into the waterpark upon your first entrance and please make sure that all your food are placed inside the cooler or food container and the maximum size allowed is 48 qt. However, if you are traveling in a big group, they have a different quota of food containers or coolers allowed into the waterpark. For a group of up to 25 persons, you will be allowed to bring two food containers; and for every 15 persons after that, you can bring an additional one container.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Pampering Yourself at Five Senses Spa and Salon

It has been a long, busy, stressful week and you can literally feel the bones and muscles of your body crying out in distress. When you feel such sensations in your body, it can only mean one thing - and that would be, you need to make a special trip to the Five Senses Spa and Salon at Grand Prairie Dr, Peoria, Illinois in a chartered bus for a time of rejuvenating your spirit, soul and body.

Said to be Peoria’s first full service spa and salon for both men and women, the Five Senses Spa and Salon really lives up to its name of awakening and renewing your five senses – seeing, touching, smelling, tasting and hearing. As the IL charter bus drops you off at the entrance of the salon, you will first be greeted with sooth and calm aromas of the salon and hearing the serene and peaceful sound of water and soft music will set your mind at ease. The interior of the salon is pleasing to the eyes and your taste buds will be treated to a chocolate fountain. The gentle touch of the masseur for your body massage experience will relieve your body muscles that have become tightened due to stress.

From manicure to pedicure, hair treatments and body massage, IL bus charter passengers to the Five Senses Spa and Salon are in for a day of complete pampering without a care of what’s happening on the outside world. They have different types of packages that will suit the needs of their guests. From an hour to a whole day’s worth of head to toe care, the choice is yours. As it is with most other spa centers operating in the world, guests are not encouraged to bring along their children with them unless the children themselves are also getting treatments at the spa centers, which are quite rare.

At Five Senses Spa and Salon, they have 5 types of spa treatments for the guests – ranging from a single person’s treatment to a girls’ outing treatment as well as a couple’s session too. Whichever type of spa treatment that you would choose, you can be sure that it will be a time of total relaxation in a peaceful and serene surrounding. After all, at the end of your spa session, you will also get to relax as your IL chartered bus driver waits for you to send you home – isn’t it fun that there’s no need for you to think about having to drive after a day’s of pampering such as is?