Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Magic Waters Waterpark, Illinois

No one would ever get tired of waterparks – especially children. Even the older ones will never complain if you tell them that you are chartering an Illinois bus and taking them to a waterpark. In fact, we really believe that waterparks are for all ages to enjoy, so why not climb aboard a chartered bus and drop by the Magic Waters Waterpark for a day of fun in the sun and enjoy all the amenities at this magnificent and award winning waterpark with your family? It will be definitely be one magical fun trip, believe us!

For many people, the Magic Waters Waterpark is a favorite place to go during summer holidays. And yes, large crowds are to be expected at this popular waterpark. So, if you are bringing your family to the waterpark this summer; you may want to make sure that your chartered bus arrives on time to pick you up, and sends your whole group to the park early. And if you have a special event like a birthday celebration, you can even rent one of their cabanas by the wave pool and hang out there whole day. Well, maybe you would want to hang out at the cabana the whole day, but the kids would most likely be heading out to enjoy all the rides that are in the waterpark. Who knows - after a while of hanging out in the cabana, you may even want to venture out and see what fun is there out there and return to your cabana as and when you feel like it. There’s just so much to do at this awesome waterpark that you or your kids would not be able to say that the place is boring!

There’s just one outside food policy that Magic Waters Waterpark has for all their guests, including Illinois chartered bus visitors and that is they only allow one cooler or food container for every family entering into the waterpark. The coolers must be brought into the waterpark upon your first entrance and please make sure that all your food are placed inside the cooler or food container and the maximum size allowed is 48 qt. However, if you are traveling in a big group, they have a different quota of food containers or coolers allowed into the waterpark. For a group of up to 25 persons, you will be allowed to bring two food containers; and for every 15 persons after that, you can bring an additional one container.

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