Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Garfield Park Conservatory

Getting tired of the concrete jungle? Can’t seem to find inspiration at work? Going through a rough patch in your relationship? Need a respite from the stress? Then Garfield Park Conservatory is the place that you are looking for! Forget about budgeting for a holiday or group charter bus vacation somewhere outside of Illinois because here is the perfect place to forget things for a while and simply spend a couple of hours in full admiration of the exhibits and park.
The conservatory was started and managed by the residents and communities around it so, it has a special place in the residents’ hearts. The best thing about visiting the park and conservatory is that there is no admission fee but visitors are encouraged to leave a donation for the maintenance and running of the park. In 1994, there was a huge incident which devastatingly destroyed a portion of the aroid collection but they have stuck together and brought everything back into perfect condition. Following the incident, a task force from various surrounding communities was formed and worked on a more solid plan on how to best tackle the educational and environmental movements. After the ‘makeover’, the task force offered new programs to promote the causes that they stand for and also worked on solidifying their visitor services too...which is great news to fans and guests. So, if you are in Illinois for a short IL charter bus rental getaway in Chicago IL, take some time to explore this gorgeous conservatory.
The atmosphere on the inside feels extremely pretty much feels like walking through a tropical forest! The flora and fauna will envelope visitors and warmly embrace people into their natural environment. Visitors will find a bigger respite during winter because while the weather is unforgiving on the outside, stepping into the warm interior of the conservatory gives them a very warm respite from the cold winds and harsh winter weather.
Last year, 2012, the Institute of Museum and Library Services conferred onto the Garfield Park Conservatory a much deserved award - it was one of the ten recipients for the National Medal for Museum and Library Service. Being one of the highest honor in the industry, the park management acknowledged that the award goes to the people, residents, the management and communities that unfailingly rally for the cause they stand for and are proud of the achievement.
The award shows that there is a very good reason to visit the park. For those who are visiting this amazing Illinois charter bus rental tourist attraction in a large group, please do feel free to get in touch with Bus Charter IL for an affordable charter bus, party bus, shuttle bus, and mini bus package. We look forward to serving you in the very near future.

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